Amateur radio (that’s what the G8BHC bit is about)

I have a 200mm reflector telescope on a Dobsonian mount. Skywatcher 200P, f=1200mm
and a SkyWatcher SkyMax 127 SynScan AZ GoTo Matsutov-Cassegrain 127mm f=1500mm
HEQ5 equatorial mount.
Edit the newsletter of OASI – Orwell Astronomical Society (Ipswich).
Member of British Astronomical Association (BAA)

– mainly Macs (iMac + iBookPro) but not averse to a bit of Linux and xP (yes, I know...).
On committee of Suffolk Mac User Group and edit their web site.
I also edit our village website and FDARS

Gardening & woodlands
– Member of local Gardeners’ Club and 3 Village Woodlands Group

Languages I speak a little Dutch, Italian & German and am trying to brush up my O-level French (remember those?)

Singing (tenor). See Adhoctet. Joined with Trianon Music Group choir for singing trip to Arras, joining with Crescendo.

– some pictures of furniture I made while on a C&G Furniture course at Suffolk College after early retirement last century.

... but not necessarily in that order or every week

And there’s a very infrequent

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